About us

Christina & Jessica

Welcome! Thank you for stopping by our site. The Be Scene Boutique vision became a reality in the winter of 2021 when Rochester, Michigan Boutique owners Christina (Mantra Vie) and Jessica (Urban Crown) traveled together to Dallas for an apparel show.

Urban Crown was a web and pop up shop based boutique outgrowing its space. Mantra Vie was a brick and mortar, affected by the global pandemic and working to adapt to the changing consumer. The two owners wanted to help each other out. During their trip to Dallas they were inspired by unique shopping spaces and realized their future visions were very similar. Over dinner, the two brainstormed how to bring a unique and fun shopping “scene” to Downtown Rochester.

At our boutique, we have created a gorgeous/glam “scene,” and it is definitely a place to “be seen.” Everything from our elegant velour orchid couch, trendy designer artwork, social media wall, to our stunning one of a kind wallpaper was carefully sought out and selected. The best part... some of it is available for purchase!

Be Scene aims to bring you a carefully selected collection of affordable fashion-forward clothing, accessories, shoes, and gifts that you want to “be seen” in. We have an eye for approachable luxury, contemporary classics, and hints of edge. Our goal is to put the "fun" in functional fashion. We know that looking stylish can make your whole day better; that's why we're committed to being your source for new trends. We choose clothing and accessories that are affordable and can help you clarify or define your look. Defining your look can be intimidating. Be Scene is here to help! We are committed to finding easy, current trends to update your wardrobe. Whether it be adding a leopard print top, earrings outside your comfort zone, or just a splash of color, by trying new things you’ll find what makes you shine—and that is the ultimate style to YOUR look.

Whether you go to a brick and mortar store or shop online, it should be all about the experience. Shoppers today prefer a personalized experience that allows them to feel known by the brand and by the employees. We are striving to bring that personal experience to you. Our boutique offers personal shopping appointments where you can come in and have the experience be all about you. We can help you update your look, feel more comfortable with your style, or just give you that private shopping experience. You can also book a shopping event to have all of your guests join us for a private in store shopping experience! You and your guests can have the whole store to yourselves to shop and mingle! We will provide snacks and wine, and stylists will be on hand to help guests pick out the perfect outfits. Your in store party can also include a donation from a portion of the sales to a charity or organization. Private Parties are great for Friends and Family, Co-Worker Bonding, Birthday Parties, Bridal Bachelorette Parties, etc. We also offer weekly Brunch-Shopping Experiences

The way we shop is changing. Be Scene Boutique is adapting to that change. Shoppers are starting to rely on social media platforms, to define their style, see what their friends and style-icons are wearing, and even shop for pieces directly. Be Scene Boutique uses Facebook Live and Comment Sold to connect to their customers nationally. Many consumers are choosing to shop from smaller retail businesses instead of giant corporations because of the “giveback” component. It remains a top priority for us to promote and support other local businesses and our community.

Christina & Jessica